What To Do If You Have Been Pulled Over For DUI in Florida

Being pulled over for DUI in Florida is quite scary regardless if you have been drinking or not. The suspicion of DUI doesn’t have to be met with a blood alcohol content of over the limit if the officer finds you to be impaired. There are certain steps that can help you beat the case and they are as follows.

Bringing a breathalyzer in your pocket if you are going to have a drink is a good move. Testing your BAC before getting behind the wheel is the right thing to do personally and for other people on the road. Groupon has coupons on eBay which can make this a small investment.  The best solution is prevention when it comes to driving under the influence. The officer might ask you to take a breath test. Testing your breath with your personal device might not give an exact reading but it will give you an idea of what you will blow. If you have a very low BAC then it is wise to take the test as your license will be suspended for a year if you refuse. This doesn’t mean you cannot drive to work but you just have to get a hardship license within 10 days after your license is taken.

The DMV is going to have a hearing if you want your license reinstated after a refused breath test. It is important to have your lawyer attend this hearing. The officers not showing up to the hearing will throw out the case immediately. This is the best case scenario but in the least your lawyer can lock them into testimony. This can be great if the officer didn’t review the case file and can lead to conflicting reports during your criminal proceedings. Do not settle for a public defender as an established attorney might have a relationship with the prosecutor that can help you in case of a plea bargain.

Mistakes happen and a DUI follows a person around for their entire life. Being knowledgeable about these proceedings allows you to see that the officer is trying to build a case once you are pulled over and might tell you whatever it takes to get you to take the test.