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Loren Barr is a reputed attorney who specifies in land and trust litigation, trust and estate administration and estate planning. In his long and worth mentioning career, he has embodied numerous clients in trust, estate, elder abuse cases and has got widespread experience in drafting and managing trusts and wills of people. He has earned this reputation of being Expert in Estate Planning and Trust and Probate Law ever since 2004 and has also served as an onlooker in trust cases. He has been familiar as a “Super Lawyer” of North California each year from 2008. He joined his father Edward Barr and formed Barr and Barr Attorneys in the year 1998.

Gordon Young is 24 years old and is a litigator, who specializes in trust, financial and securities litigation. Gordon does this job of adjudicating cases for beneficiaries, trustees, financial professionals, stockbrokers, investment advisors, broker-dealers and Wall Street banks. His field revolves around civil, breach of trust, fraud, suitability, raiding, trade secret, unfair competition, up-front loans and employment claims. Previously Gordon had engaged himself with a universal law firm located in San Francisco for two decades or more before he formed Barr & Young with long-time friend, Loren Barr. The Walnut Creek probate attorney Barr & Young is positioned in Danville in Contra Costa County.

The fields they specialize in

Barr and young Attorneys embody trustees, heirs, and beneficiaries in undecided estate and trust lawsuit. For nearly 20 years, their attorneys have tried, mediated, litigated and settled cases that involved every kind of dispute which included Fraud, Forcing trustees to account, Elder abuse, Contested conservatorships, Breach of fiduciary Liability, Contests related to Trust and Will. They advance forward believing earnestly in hard work, honesty and they have learned important lessons from their own experiences in life. The attorneys represent clients involved in contested conservatorships combined with matters involving executors, trustees and securities.

The attorneys of Barr & Young have got widespread experience in making and defending critical accountings and they are quite capable of obtaining and exciting accountings. If the dispute is regarding fiduciary’s decision of investment, then their vast experience in the field of Prudent Investor Rule will help assess all the options available. If an executor or a trustee confronts a challenge from the side of the beneficiaries, then again attorneys of Barr & Young can come to the rescue. If a recipient belongs to a will or trust and starts suspecting that his executor or trustee has illegally managed to take assets or is in charge of withholding information then again he is going to get positive answers from Barr & Young attorneys.

Barr and Young solve problems with ease

The Walnut Creek probate attorney Loren Barr & Gordon Young firmly believe in the magic of teamwork and accountability. They had been the best of friends since they were students of Junior High School and both of them are blessed with five children. They are contented with the teamwork of their firm and the lifestyle they lead in Danville. Barr believes that he gets to work with his best friend and he has got this liberty to come and go as he pleases and this largely amuses him that partnership meetings go over a burger and beer.