Criminal Solicitor: Seeking the Best Outcome for You

As most people know, there are a number of specialties within the legal profession. These distinct categories exist in many countries around the world, including the UK. One legal professional might focus solely on family practice such as divorce, child custody, and so on. Another may work strictly in business law or with real estate issues. A significant sector of the profession specialises in criminal law as well.

If an individual is arrested and transported to a police station for questioning, he or she may be held in custody for a certain amount of time. During that time, the arrested individual has specific rights, one of which is to receive legal advice. You may decide to use the free legal advice of a solicitor who is available to those in custody. Of course, you may also choose your own legal representative instead.

Criminal or Civil?

A solicitor is a primary legal advisor who may represent you in criminal court, and may also do much of the legal paperwork or supervise its preparation. In many firms, the team of criminal solicitors have expertise in police station attendance, Magistrates’ Court, Youth Court, Crown Court, appeals to higher courts, prison law, extradition, and judicial review.Introducing

To further understand what criminal solicitors in London can and will do for a client, it may help to know more about the differences between civil law and criminal law. All solicitors are retained or assigned to protect the rights of the individual.

Civil law, in basic terms, works with disagreements between two private citizens. The dispute might involve an injury that was allegedly caused by another person, or it may seek to resolve a commercial difference involving money or other property.


Legal professionals who focus on situations covered by the criminal laws most often work with individuals who have allegedly harmed another person. These cases may involve physical assault, murder, theft, and so on. A government entity is on the prosecution side of the case, rather than another individual, as in civil law. The prosecutor must prove guilt, with the standard of reasonable doubt always applied to the decision.

High-Profile Criminal Law

Some legal firms have years of experience in this field and now focus on high-cost and high-profile cases. People are often familiar with these situations but know little about the bulk of criminal cases that happen on a daily basis. These cases often involve murder, serious bodily harm, and theft of large amounts of money, to give just a few examples.

Judge with gavel

The best firms will apply the same standards of defence to all cases, no matter the amount of money or the fame of the defendant. The idea behind quality criminal law practice is to reach the outcome that is best for each client. Criminal solicitors are often called upon outside of what might be called regular hours. Whether the case involves a high-profile major crime or one of somewhat lesser seriousness, you can be sure that a specialist in criminal law will work to get the best result for you.